sisterlove faceSisterLove, Inc., founded in July of 1989, can trace its beginnings to a volunteer group of women interested in educating Atlanta, and especially communities of women, about AIDS prevention, self-help and safer sex techniques.

With a personal understanding of the barriers that kept women out of the forefront of HIV/AIDS education and treatment, Dázon Dixon Diallo initiated a collaboration with a local women’s organization to improve access for all women and especially those of color. In 1987, the Women’s AIDS Prevention Project (WAPP) was formed.

In 1989, the lack of support for WAPP inspired Ms. Diallo to found SisterLove Women’s AIDS Project with the help of WAPP’s women of color advisory board. Three years later, in 1992, the organization’s name was officially changed to SisterLove, Incorporated.

The dedication and compassion of countless women and men have contributed to SisterLove’s stability and growth. Its very existence is a reflection of the women who have shared their struggles and their wisdom with other women in the name of love and survival.

“We will continue to draw upon the energy of our sisters’ and brothers’ contributions and will remain steadfast in the struggle to combat HIV/AIDS. Our commitment is to the lives of women,” said Dazon Dixon Diallo, president and CEO.  “Our fight is for the future beyond their lives.”

SisterLove is on a mission to eradicate the adverse impact of HIV/AIDS and other reproductive health challenges upon women and their families through education, prevention, support and human rights advocacy in the United States and around the world, Diallo said in describing her group’s mission.

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