DeKalb County Government and DeKalb Board of Education Host 'Conversation + Collaboration = Progress DeKalb'

Lee May Michael Thurmond
On Thursday, DeKalb County Government and the DeKalb Board of Education held a joint event entitled Conversation + Collaboration = Progress DeKalb, to discuss areas of partnership and collaboration between the two government entities. Specific topic areas included economic development, education, public safety, and quality of life issues.
“We have to keep moving forward. If we are not moving forward, we are moving backward,” said DeKalb Interim CEO Lee May. “As we look at improving areas of efficiency, some of these future initiatives are easy fixes, others will take much longer to fully implement. The important thing is we keep moving forward in partnership.”
(Photo: DeKalb Interim CEO Lee May and DeKalb School Superintendent Michael Thurmond shake hands following a successful exchange of ideas during Conversation + Collaboration = Progress DeKalb)

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