Bishop TD Jakes Considering Reality TV Show in the Future


T.D. Jakes isn’t the biggest fan of “Preachers of L.A,” but would the mega-church pastor consider a reality TV show of his own?

The ladies of Mary Mary were among the first women of God to sign on for reality TV. Since then, “The Sisterhood,” “The Sheards” and “Preachers of L.A.” have offered glimpses into the lives of churchgoers living to serve the Lord.

Not all the depictions have been what viewers imagined. So, is it time for a leader like T.D. Jakes to be an example of what a Christian life really is all about?

The BET host told that he’s reluctant, but he’s not ruling it out.

“Your home life and your private life, it’s the final frontier. It’s the only thing that you have left, and some people can cast it away quite easily, but I really enjoy my family life without bringing cameras into it,” he said. “I doubt that I would ever do a reality show that invaded the privacy of my wife and my children and my life like that.”

You can watch the entire discussion here.

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