Kanye West Brings Jesus On Stage For ‘Yeezus’ Tour Kickoff [VIDEO]

Kanye West Brings Jesus On Stage For ‘Yeezus’ Tour Kickoff [VIDEO]

Kanye West, mock Jesus

Jesus made a cameo appearance during a performance of Kanye West’s classic hit “Jesus Walks” at a Seattle tour stop.

Well, at least an actor playing White Jesus.

The self-proclaimed genius, West — a.k.a Yeezus — engaged in a brief conversation with “Jesus,” telling him, “I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.”

“Jesus” responded in part, “I didn’t come here to make bad people feel good. l  came here to make dead people alive.”

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The capper ultimately was the guest appearance by none other than Jesus Christ himself, for whom West finally removed his mask to proclaim that he had been looking for him. Jesus naturally responded that he had been there all along. Later, the mock Christ would ascend to the top of the mountain as West bowed in supplication before him while the haunting refrain from “On Sight” – “You give us what we need/it may not be what we want” – played repeatedly in the background.

Check it out below:


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