#2 Not Everyone Wins

I think I speak for most former and current athletes when I say, “Winning some and losing some” is the most valuable part of playing organized sports. I am 110% against the ideology behind some of today’s youth sports teams. For instance, while at one of my nephews Pop Warner football games, I was appalled when I realized that the score wasn’t being kept. The reason was that at that age, “everyone is a winner.” Uhmmm. No.

First of all, these kids can count and are fully aware of when they lose and when they win, and second of all, shame on you oversensitive mommies for bringing this false idea to the playing field. Learning how to lose on the field has directly affected how I handle losing in life. Whether it be in my career, relationships, etc. I know that losing doesn’t kill you…it makes you stronger. So to that I say: Dear Youth Sports: Keep keeping score because not everyone wins.


#3 Set A Goal. Reach It. Make A New One.

The goal setting that happens season to season as an athlete directly resembles the personal goals one will set season to season in their actual life. When I was five, my goal was to be able to handle the ball without falling, or to score a goal that wasn’t for the opposing team. However, once I played soccer in high school and my goal was to increase my speed and perfect my agility skills. I changed and therefore my goals changed accordingly. The same goes for life. I have no desire to achieve the same things at 31 that I did at 21 because the biggest mistake you can make on and off the field is trying to make last season goals fit into this seasons requirements.

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