Clermont Hotel Property Rezoned By Atlanta City Council


The Atlanta City Council on Monday approved the rezoning of the property located at 789 Ponce De Leon Avenue and 672 AND 676 Bonaventure Avenue, N.E., from the C-1 (Community Business) District and the R-5 (Two-Family Residential) District to the MRC-2-C (Mixed Residential Commercial-Conditional) District.

Clermont Hotel Partners LLC, a partnership whose principals include Philip Welker and Ethan Orley, purchased the landmark property on Ponce de Leon Avenue earlier this year.

Built in the 1920s as apartments, the building was converted to a hotel in the 1940s.

The City Council also granted a special use permit for the property allowing for a hotel to open at the location. (Legislative Reference No. 13-O-1013)

In addition, the Atlanta City Council on Monday approved:

· A substitute resolution authorizing the mayor to accept a grant in the amount of one hundred ninety-two thousand five hundred dollars over a three-year period commencing in 2013 for the purpose of supporting the Coca-Cola Troops for fitness programming funded by the National Recreation and Parks Association and the Coca-Cola Foundation. (Legislative Reference No. 13-R-3382)

· An amended ordinance authorizing the City of Atlanta to negotiate for and to purchase approximately 0.904 acre of property located at 0 North Ivory Road from Livable Buckhead, Inc. for the purpose of creating a new park in Council District 7 in an amount not to exceed $98,000. (Legislative Reference No. 13-O-1178)


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