School is officially in session for many Atlanta schools, but if you haven’t already grabbed a pair for your scholar – or still need to grab a pair for yourself – there are two distinct shoes from Guess and Reebok, available at Famous Footwear, that may be worth your time.

First, the G by Guess.

Every girl has a tomboy side that likes to debut a comfy, low-key look that still attracts attention yet doesn’t come with a great deal of upkeep and cumbersome accessories. That’s why the G by Guess brand is perfect as it was designed for those women and men who enjoy Guess but also prefer a casual look from time to time. The G by Guess fall 2013 shoe collection caters to that concept with its Breezy Bootie, for the lighthearted lady.

The look of the Breezy Bootie is no stranger to fashion, but the G by Guess stayed true to the gist of what lovers of this boot want and like. For newcomers to the look, the Breezy Bootie is a great introduction to this sort of rugged and worn look that can take a girl from a comfortable road trip to a long day of shopping for furniture or even a new boyfriend.

Although the shoe toys with masculinity it boldly screams “G stands for Girl Power” with its suede leopard lining that is incredibly soft, adding on the spot comfort to the foot once inserted. The leopard layer inside the shoe suggests the biggest contradiction of the shoe but was done so intentionally that it makes the shoe an instant favorite.

Additionally, the shoe can be easily worn with skinny jeans and a Blazer or a cute graphic-T to dress it down. Cute shorts and a tank, a free-flowing maxi dress or even a fitted tank dress can definitely add flair and femininity to the Breezy Bootie.

One piece of advice when wearing the bootie is to ensure the shoestrings are tied good and tight. It can be an annoyance if the laces are not fully tied and it would not hurt to knot them to prevent unraveling. Because the shoe extends to the ankle it can be worn partly open and the clasps will not support the long laces— if not tied correctly. Be mindful of the length and aggravation this may cause. However, this is the only drawback to the shoe.

After a long day’s wear the shoe is as uncomfortable as any would be. However, any scuff marks obtained throughout the day only adds to the rugged look of the shoe making the $89.99 price worth the money.


For the men, there’s the Reebok ZigKick. It’s a little much for everyday wear, but this shoe makes a great addition to the closet for the athletic man in the family, whether that’s father, son or both. It’s a great shoe for PE, crosstraining, weight lifting or all of the above. The shoe adds a degree of easy and comfort to running and jumping.

It’s light and breathable and features an elevated heel that provides cushion and lift that gives the wearer an extra bit of spring in their step. Interestingly enough, it’s absolutely perfect for jumping rope, which makes it great for anything involving repetitive movement or upward motion, like basketball.

Weekend warriors and serious runners will also love this shoe. The difference is tangible from the first wear. And while it works well as a running and training shoe, it shouldn’t be your go-to footwear for every day.

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