A Georgia State University Student has caused a stir on campus by beginning a new club called the “White Student Union.”

Patrick Sharp, GSU freshman and group organizer, says that the group is not meant to shed a negative light on other ethnic groups but to support his own.

After noticing many other clubs devoted to other races he wanted to start a club for whites. So, he began posting fliers during the summer semester promoting the new club.

Sharp says that he understands why he may get any negative feedback but says that it is about keeping the white culture alive.

“You know, to say this is some closeted or curtained white supremacy, it’s pretty – and I’ll go ahead and turn their words around on them – it’s pretty ignorant and close-minded,” said Sharp. “It’s a pride organization, it’s a cultural organization, what we have is not hate for any other group….Whites are becoming a minority….We have a voice, we’re unique people, and we have every right to make that voice heard.”

Dr. Douglass Covey, Vice President for Student Affairs at GSU said that the school has received emails from about six students so far concerning the club. The “Progressive Student Alliance” has posted fliers voicing their opinion on the formation of the club, comparing it to white supremacist groups.

“The students are expressing concern about the intended purpose of this organization,” said Covey.

Covey does note that the club has the right to exist, just like the other organizations targeted to various ethnic groups at the University.

It is an informal club, however, and must go through the proper application process if Sharp wishes to make it a formal University club.

Sharp said that he would like to work side by side with other ethnic groups to support common positive values. He hopes the group will grow during the fall when more students are attending classes.

“What we are is an organization that just loves where we come from,” Sharp said. “We love our heritage, we love out ancestries, and we have a lot of pride in that.”

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