Benny Napoleon for Mayor Response To Accusations Regarding New Write-In Candidate


“Napoleon for Mayor vehemently denies any involvement with a second write-in candidate,” said Jamaine Dickens, spokesman for Napoleon for Mayor. “Every time Mr. Duggan’s campaign is in another self-inflicted negative situation, instead of taking responsibility for his own campaign’s actions, inactions, and incompetence, Mr. Duggan invokes Benny Napoleon’s name.

“When Mr. Duggan was disqualified from being on the ballot, he accused Napoleon for airing a third party commercial about it. Last week, when Mr. Duggan was exposed for advising Governor Snyder on appointing an emergency manager in Detroit when all the while he consistently told voters he was against an EM, Mr. Duggan invoked Napoleon’s name again. And now that a Detroiter who, ironically, decided to run as a write-in candidate as has Mr.. Duggan, he invokes Napoleon’s name.

If all public polls are an indication, Benny Napoleon is expected to win the primary election, making at least 13 other candidates desperate to win the number two position. But instead of even considering this fact, Mr. Duggan again, accuses Napoleon for Mayor of attempting to harm his already wounded campaign.”

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