Two Teens Seriously Injured After Falling at Stone Mountain Park

Two teenage boys sustained critical injuries after falling several hundred feet at Stone Mountain Park.

The teens, 16 and 18, were on a church youth group trip with another 12 year old male and his father. There were signs indicating a restricted area but the father claims he did not see them.

“Two were pretty seriously injured,” said John Bankhead, spokesman for Stone Mountain Park. “It was on the back side of the mountain where they weren’t supposed to be. It’s a restricted area. There are signs to say you are not allowed in this area, but this group apparently went there anyway.”

The accident happened near the Bird Sanctuary trail, on the back end of the mountain. The two teenagers tumbled down the mountain about 70 to 100 yards into a ravine next to a pond, Norman Augustin, deputy chief of DeKalb County Fire and Rescue said.

One of the teens discovered a pipe, decided to slide down it and was unable to stop. The second teen followed behind him shortly before the father went for help.

“The third one just stayed there,” said Bankhead. “He froze. He was in shock. EMT’s got there and told him to stay there because he needed to rescue the two that were injured.”

The teen with the most critical injuries was sent by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center. The other was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center by ambulance. The 12 year old did not sustain any injuries.


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