Metro Atlanta Creates 10,000 June Jobs


The latest employment figures offer a bit of good news about the state of job creation in metro Atlanta.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Atlanta metro area created 10,000 jobs in June alone. Professional and business services added 4,400 new jobs, while 2,600 came from leisure and hospitality. Over the past year, 51,600 jobs were created.

The Atlanta Business Chronicle suggests that the figures could signify the strengthening of Atlanta’s construction industry and its real estate sector. Job growth is especially important for Atlanta’s commercial real estate sector, and the Chronicle predicts that the growth could help counter the high vacancy in the city.

The Chronicle also estimates that the growth could benefit the construction industry by creating more of a demand for apartments and single-family homes. Developers would be able to acquire more financing from investors and lenders as they gain confidence in a continuous recovery.

June is one of four times since 2010 that Atlanta has created at least 10,000 jobs in one month. Atlanta’s overall employment is now at 2.4 million, a level it hasn’t reached since Sept. 2008.

Later this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics will release a report detailing how Atlanta’s job growth in 2013 compares to America’s largest metropolitan areas.


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