Atlanta Thunderstorm Topples Trees, Tears Portion of Roof Off Philips Arena


Phillips Arena was one of many Atlanta buildings to sustain damage during Wednesday night’s severe thunderstorms. The storm hit southwest Atlanta particularly hard.

Obervers near Philips reported damage to a section of its roof while an event was happening inside. Fortunately no one was hurt. A spokesperson from the arena issued the following statement:

“A severe thunderstorm caused damage to some insulated panels on an upper portion of Philips Arena. A private event was in progress at the time and was not interrupted; nor were any guests in harm’s way. The safety of our employees and guests is the top priority for Philips Arena, and we work with the Atlanta Police Department and a variety of additional law enforcement and security personnel to ensure that our procedures are in accordance with achieving that end goal.”

Atlanta Fire & Rescue crews were busy responding to many reports of fallen trees during the height of the storm. Several of the downed trees caused power outages, which Georgia Power crews worked to resolve.

On Beecher Street, a falling tree destroyed the front half of a historic house that had recently been a part of the West End Tour of Homes.

Another tree fell on a house on Cascade Road a block away. Several children were inside at the time, however none were seriously hurt.


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