Georgia Meets Resistance in Effort to Ban Gun References on License Plates


A new decision that would ban references to guns or other weapons on vanity license plates has outraged some Georgia gun owners, who believe the move violates their freedom of speech.

A few people were present at a public hearing on the matter on Tuesday at the Georgia Department of Revenue.

Georgia Carry brought examples of banned license plates, which included MORTAR and OPNCARY, to the hearing.

“Anything that censors is very important to me and this is a state censoring,” Kurt Martin told WSB-TV. “Our message is don’t put it on the list. Take it off the list and allow people to have the same message on their plates that anyone else can do.”

Drugs and alcohol are other topics that are banned from Georgia license plates, and state officials said they were unsure of when guns were added to the list.

Spokesman Sean Casey told WSB that the state is indifferent to what drivers can or cannot put on their license plates.

“We do not take a position and we are here just to listen to the public and get their input,” Casey said.

Casey said that officials would consider the feedback they have received before making a final decision on vanity plate bans within the next few months.


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