4 Teens Arrested Over Holiday Weekend Belived Connected to String of Crimes in East Atlanta


Four young suspects arrested over the Fourth of July weekend are believed to be linked to a string of crimes, including a murder and multiple robberies at gunpoint, in the East Atlanta neighborhood.

Two stolen cars, guns, checkbooks and electronics were recovered from one of the suspects homes by police. All four males – three under the age of 18 and one who was 18 years old – were charged with burglary and theft by receiving.

“Evidence connecting them to additional crimes was obtained” said William Wallace, a spokesman for the DeKalb Police Department. “At this stage in the investigation we are unable to advise if these suspects are connected to or solely responsible for [some of the crimes in East Atlanta].”

The suspects responsible for the crimes in East Atlanta were described as males in their teens.

A meeting was scheduled by area residents to discuss the ongoing crime with residents of East Atlanta, Grant Park, Peoplestown, Kirkwood, Chosewood Park and other local communities on Wednesday to discuss the ongoing crime wave. Decatur’s police chief also planned a meeting with the community members.

“It’s frustrating,” said Kate Krumm, sister of Patrick Cotrona, a man who was fatally shot over Memorial Day weekend. “The crime keeps happening. If it didn’t take the murder of an innocent person to make things change, what’s it going to take?”


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