Sunday Morning Armed Robbery Latest Incident Involving Guns in East Atlanta


Another robbery at gunpoint in East Atlanta has left residents in shock. The incident happened near Mary’s bar in East Atlanta Village and is the latest in a string of incidents involving robberies, shootings and guns in the popular nightlife and restaurant area.

Police say an Atlanta man walking home from the bar at around 2 a.m. Sunday morning when he was robbed by three armed men, at least one of whom was carrying “an AK-47-style rifle” at Glenwood Avenue and Blake Avenue.

“It just seems like a blip. Like, I’ve never seen this much happening so much in one area,” Amy Shaw, an East Atlanta resident who has been living in the community for four years, told WSB-TV.

Shaw and husband Michael said they hope the recent violence will be coming to an end soon.

“I think it is just sort of, hopefully, a little bit of a flare-up. It’s not something that’s a sign of things changing,” Michael Shaw said.

Megan Kiser, who lives in nearby Ormwood Park said that even before the latest incident she had been more careful about going out in the area.

“You definitely think twice before you go meet your friends at night anywhere,” she said. “You definitely want to make sure you’re telling someone ‘I’m coming. Here’s when I’m going to be there.'”

The added degree of caution by residents is rooted in multiple acts of violence since the summer began. On July 3, 30-year-old Camease Miller was reportedly killed during a home invasion on Van Vleck Avenue, which is blocks from the area. She was identified by her brother who told WSB-TV that she had two young sons

There was a murder in East Atlanta on Memorial Day and two robberies in nearby Reynoldstown during the preceding weekend. Prior to that incident there had been three robberies, two homicides and one shooting in the area. No arrests have been made in the homicides.

In response to the initial shootings, which occurred over a two-week period, Mayor Kasim Reed and the Atlanta Police Department announced that additional public safety resources would be deployed in the East Atlanta and Grant Park neighborhoods as well as several nearby areas following the crime. Specifically, the Atlanta Police Department has increased patrols and canvas efforts in Zones 5 and 6.

“My administration’s top priority is public safety,” said Reed at the time. “It troubles me deeply to hear of violent crime against people in our city’s neighborhoods. I especially wish to extend my heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of Patrick Cotrona and the other victims. One murder in our city is one too many, and I plan to use all the resources available to me and the Atlanta Police Department to bring the perpetrators of these terrible crimes to justice.”


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