Former Grady Hospital Employee Indicted for Embezzlement


Donald Thomas, the former Assistant Controller for the Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation, was recently indicted by a federal grand jury for embezzling over $450,000 in public funds.

“Thomas is charged with stealing from a hospital that serves the healthcare needs of thousands of people in the Atlanta community and beyond,” said United States Attorney Sally Quillian Yates. “Because Grady relies on federal funding to provide medical care to those who cannot afford it, money embezzled from Grady cheats both Grady patients and taxpayers.”

Mark F. Giuliano, Special Agent in Charge, FBI Atlanta Field Office, said, “The FBI launched its criminal investigation into this matter after receiving information that Thomas, a person in a position of trust at Grady Memorial Hospital, was abusing that position and, in fact, embezzling hospital funds.”

Grady is one of the largest public health systems in the United States and oversees Grady Memorial Hospital, the largest hospital in Georgia. Grady relies significantly on federal funding, including Medicare reimbursement and grants.

The indictment alleges that, beginning in January 2008, Thomas used his access to Grady’s payroll system to fabricate additional compensation, such as vacation pay and severance pay, to be issued to terminated Grady employees. Thomas then altered payroll records so that the additional payments were deposited directly into accounts under his control.

According to the indictment, the scheme came to light when a former Grady employee expressed concern that her 2011 W-2 tax form indicated a larger amount of compensation from Grady than she had actually earned or received.

Further investigation revealed that her payroll records had been altered and additional pay in her name had been deposited into an account controlled by Thomas. The indictment states that at least twenty former Grady employees received inaccurate tax forms as a result of Thomas’s alleged crimes.


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