Atlanta Leaders Join Forces to Rally For Public Education


Support the good

Public school stakeholders including teachers, students, school superintendents, community leaders and ministers took part in a rally to “Support the Good” in public education held this week in Atlanta.

“This was an inspiring gathering of those who see the good in public education,” said Georgia State Sen. Nan Orrock. “Four school superintendents joined voices in support of those who work every day to help our children reach for the stars. It’s a welcome change to lift up our school teachers and staff rather than bash public education.”

The teacher and support staff appreciation night was hosted by the Support the Good Committee and included school superintendents Dr. Robert Avossa (Fulton County), Michael Thurmond (DeKalb County), Luvenia W. Jackson, (Clayton County) Erroll B. Davis, Jr. (Atlanta Public Schools).

The event was held at First Iconium Baptist Church and the Rev. Timothy Donald III presided.

“Education has been central to my family. My mother and my sister were lifetime educators and it is important to focus on what is working in our public education system,” said GA State Senator Gail Davenport, who also attended. “The celebration was great and we are grateful to all of the men and women who organized this event and for all who showed their appreciation for teachers, support staff, and educators tonight.”

(Photo: First Iconium Baptist Church’s pastor Rev. Timothy McDonald, longtime student advocate Brenda Muhammad and church deacon Tony Collins were among those who “Support the Good” in Atlanta Public Schools.)


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