Hip Hop's Rev Run Talks Diabetes at St. Phillip AME


Hip hop star Rev Run will speak at St. Phillip AME Church in Atlanta on Sunday, June 30, at 1:30 p.m., to discuss the importance of African Americans knowing their risk for diabetes.

One in 12 Americans has diabetes, and one in four are at risk of developing the disease. The risk for African Americans doubles – more than one in six African-American adults has diabetes.

According to the Institute for Alternative Futures diabetes model, the number of people in the Atlanta Metropolitan area living with diabetes (diagnosed and undiagnosed) is estimated to increase 71% by 2025 from 765,300 in 2010 to 1,305,400.

Rev Run recognizes that he has several of the risk factors for diabetes, including a family connection – his father lived with diabetes — and he’s been making necessary adjustments to his lifestyle.

Rev will be joined by diabetes educator Jeannette Jordan who can speak further about risk factors for diabetes and guide the audience through a risk factor assessment test. The Ask.Screen.Know. campaign challenges all Americans ages 45 or older to learn more about their risks for diabetes at www.AskScreenKnow.com.


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