Former Atlanta Braves third baseman Chipper Jones, whose Twitter account has landed him in hot water before, apologized earlier on Twitter for what the future hall of famer called a joke he tweeted Saturday.

Jones’ remark was in reference to gators, the Rio Grande, and illegal immigrants.

On Saturday, Jones tweeted, “Y’all think if they took all them gators they trap in Fla and La and put them in the Rio Grande, it wud stop the illegals from crossing? Jk”

The tweet was retweeted more than 2,000 times and become fodder for both social media sites and mainstream news organizations including USA Today and Fox Sports.

He initially defended the tweet and his use of the shorthand Jk (just kidding) at the end of the tweet. Shortly after sending the “illegals” tweet, Jones wrote, “Man it’s hard to argue with ignorant, misinformed people! I guess that’s what the ‘block’ button is for” on Saturday.

But by the next day Chipper had changed his tune.

Jones tweeted an apology on Sunday to no one in particular for the joke, writing, “ I realize that my tweet yest was offensive and distasteful. An attempt at humor was a terrible mistake. Please accept my heartfelt apology!”

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