Well, here we go…

It appears, according to the accounts of Tony Bosch, you and I have been cheated.

Bosch, founder and head of the now-defunct South Florida Biogenesis Wellness Clinic, will sing as though he is auditioning for Motown founder/owner Berry Gordy to secure a recording contract, as he tells Major League Baseball about his relationship with performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) and dozens of baseball players, including New York Yankees shortstop Alex “A-Rod” Rodriguez, Milwaukee Brewers left fielder Ryan “Hebrew Hammer” Braun, Toronto Blue Jays left fielder Melky “Milk Man” Cabrera and other notable major leaguers, according to a person familiar with the negotiations.

In fact of the 15 players he is said to be naming, 12 are from Latin-American nations where using PEDs seems to be the norm.

However, using PEDs as a MLB player is prohibited by MLB, meaning the players named by Bosch all could be suspended for up to 100 games if found guilty of using performance enhancers.

Time after time we hear of this issue. And we’ll undoubtedly hear about this issue again.

“The obvious reason players use ‘juice’ is to get a competitive edge on their opponents and teammates,” says HayWood Media’s baseball analyst Brian Woodall. “The younger players juice to get that edge over the older players, the older players juice to get that edge over the younger players. It’s a vicious, never-ending cycle.”

When will athletes learn that juicing is not only a no-no in professional sports and in international competition, but that it is also unhealthy?

“Though it does build-up the muscles, juicing can cause long term damage. Causing damage to the body’s own ability to produce testosterone,” said Dr. Chandra Stone of the V.A.M.C. in Lexington, Kentucky. “Juicing over a certain period of time will cause the brain to shut down, thinking the body has produced the testosterone needed, when in fact that’s not the case. Juicing will also lead to the shrinkage of the male testicles and diabetes. And of course diabetes leads to blindness.”

I don’t care how much money is able to be made as an athlete, nothing is worth putting yourself in poor health.

If as an athlete you are unable to compete at a certain level with your God-given talent then you weren’t meant to be a competitive athlete at that level.

Maybe you weren’t meant to be an athlete at all.

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