Fashion met fitness again with the new Nike Dual Fusion TR, Polka dot at Famous Footwear as the shoe instantly adorns the foot in a unique style that is not usually the case when female athletes are in search of a running shoe.


However, this sleek yet very comfortable running shoe meets all the needs of a runner who wants a stylish look when she hits the pavement for a run or goes out on the town to run errands.

For starters, the shoe is both true to size and slenderizes the foot. For those ladies with a larger shoe size, selecting a running shoe can be a challenge, especially avoiding a shoe that packs on the bulge and bulk. Such is not the case with the Dual Fusion TR. Without compromising comfort, style or functionality the shoe definitely wins in overall appeal.

Running in these shoes is effortless. Since the shoe has a pointer tip it seems to give the runner a springboard effect when in position for a run or brisk walk

Looking at the bottom of the shoe confirmed why the shoe seems to go “lift-off” with its first step. The shoe is set apart from other sneakers because of its rubber outsoles that provide protection and traction, whether outside or inside.

Additionally, when running the rubber outsoles protect the foot by absorbing any aftermath from an intense training session or indoor experience.

The protection does not just stop at the foot either, as the leg and lower back both feel the support of the rubber outsoles as well.

As long as the runner’s stride is right, the shoe can perform and the running experience can be rewarding and pleasant.

When not in training mode, the shoe draws a great deal of attention, which is not surprising considering the color scheme dazzles during the day and illuminates the night.

Try pairing the shoe with clothing to match the vivid neon color that daringly presents the sneaker with a bang.

Since the shoestrings flaunt the neon color, the eye instantly gravitates to them and subsequently to the entire ensemble. Therefore, it is a good idea to represent the shoe with a jazzy outfit because a ton of compliments and looks are in store.

In a nutshell, if you are looking for a comfortable sneaker that enhances your running experience and makes taking care of errands fashionable then this reasonably-priced shoe is money well spent.

For men, the Nike Flex Run presents a solid option as well. The Flex Run’s sole design gives it ideal grip on surfaces from the weight room to the gym and on the field – yes, you can wear this shoe on grass and on turf. It won’t supplant cleats for game day, but it makes an ideal preseason and practice alternate.

The shoe is lightweight, yet durable and its simple design makes it perfect for a weekend warrior who wants to break a sweat rather than put on a fashion show. Because the shoe is slim and light it works great as a cross-trainer for distance runners, but can also function as a running shoe for any athlete training on a surface with little give.

The shoe offers a moderate bridge in the heel as well as lightweight cushioning and multidirectional flexibility. It’s not as slim as the barefoot-like training shoes currently en vogue, but that may be good for runners looking to transition to barefoot whose soles aren’t quite ready or runners who want the freedom of the barefoot experience without the pain. This is also a plus for athletes who train for more than running, as the Flex Run provides some support for the ankles (as much as can be expected from a low top.)

The Flex Run also boasts a breathable, lightweight sandwich mesh upper and synthetic overlays that provide light support.

Overall, the shoe is great for running and holds its own for cross training and everyday wear.

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