George Zimmerman’s defense told us all yesterday that they had run through most of their money…and needed more before the June 10 trial began.

They even went so far as to ask for public donations…$5-$10 to be exact (which they said…was a “small” donation).

And now today the defense is announcing that in the 24 hours since begging for money, they’ve raised $12,000.

Here’s a statement from the defense fund:

Yesterday, we had to ask for help. We stated that the defense fund had exhausted its funds, and we’d have to raise another $120,000 to give George the trial he deserves. In the 24 hours since we asked for new donations, we’ve received just over $12,000 — 10% of our goal. Thank you to everyone who has shown support.

They even broke down the amount of their donations:

More than 240 donated. The largest donation was $500. Many gave $100. Most contributed $10 or $20.

They gave special shout outs to donors who not only gave money, but words of encouragement.

A donor from the Bronx sent $5.00 and said:

“Good luck and I know this is not a lot, but everyone deserves a fair trial.”

A person from Tampa sent $50.00 and said:

“I’m a former journalist. From the beginning, I knew the ‘facts’ had been manipulated. I’m an antiracist liberal, and my friends recoil in horror if I try to discuss any of the evidence. Mark O’Mara has been eloquent in challenging the ‘racist monster’ meme. When this is all over, I wish someone would write a book detailing how this has been played.”

An individual from West Virginia donated $10.00 and said:

“I don’t know if George Zimmerman is guilty or not, but he deserves the ability to defend his self in court as best he can. This donation wouldn’t be necessary if certain individuals and organizations hadn’t attempted to act as his judge, jury, and executioner in the wake of that terrible night. Good luck, and may the truth prevail, whatever it may be.”

A $10 donor from Los Angeles said:

“I believe GZ should have equal access to funding as the prosecutors. I have not forged an opinion on his guilt or innocence. I support fair trials for all. Good luck.”

A Pennsylvania donor gave $25.00 and simply said, “Win.”

You wanted to know who these people are that are funding Zimmerman after he shot and killed an unarmed Trayvon Martin…

Now you know.

Meanwhile, the Trayvon Martin Foundation is holding an event in Miami on June 1 for peace. Check out the video below:


By Christina Coleman for Global Grind Staff

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