Detroit Entrepreneurs launch new brand, ‘Pleasant’ bathroom tissue


It’s a product that everyone needs, toilet tissue. Every home, office and business spends millions of dollars a year stocking this personal bathroom necessity, giving little thought to the name of the label. The big name manufacturers like Charmin and Scott pretty much own the market. Smaller companies that make less plush bathroom tissue sell mostly to commercial companies.
Now comes Pleasant Paper Company, makers of Pleasant bathroom tissue. A newcomer to the marketplace, the company is actively seeking its niche. It’s a high-quality product that is soft, durable and less expensive than the major brands. The price and quality make it very suitable for the everyday consumer and commercial businesses. It may be new to the market, but it has been years in the development process.
Detroiter Norman Thrasher first came up with the idea to manufacture toilet tissue just over five years ago. He is well known in the Motor City as one of the top media advertising sales executives for a various radio and television stations. Thrasher is also a noted recording artist. He has earned a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland.
Regardless of his success in those two fields, becoming an entrepreneur has always been his passion. Despite numerous roadblocks, rejections and setbacks he never gave up. It is a wonderful story of success based on hard work and determination. It is also an exemplary example of three African American men working together to build a company from scratch, find a way onto retailers’ shelves, and obtain large orders from commercial businesses, schools, fast food vendors and others.
Although the core business itself is based in Detroit, the product is currently being produced at two factories outside of Michigan. The partners indicate that several locations in Detroit are being evaluated for suitability so that the entire manufacturing and distribution center can eventually be headquartered in Detroit.
“Our long-term goal is to have our plant right here in the city of Detroit so that we can train young people and provide good jobs for them at our facility” said Johnny Hardiman. His brother, Dorian, echoed those remarks, adding, “We want to make sure that Pleasant Paper Company employs Detroiters, particularly those young African American males who have a rough time finding good employment. We want this company to grow and prosper.”
Pleasant bathroom tissue is currently sold in small 4-packs at numerous party stores and gas stations in Detroit. Larger sized rolls are also available along with bulk purchases.
“We consider this product to be something that customers will benefit from because not only is it something they need, but they can also support a local company,” said Thrasher.
With the Hardimans’ financial support and business savvy coupled with Thrasher’s rapport with people, Pleasant Paper Company, LLC knows what it takes to become a very successful business. It is a minority owned and operated company. Its mission is to embrace diversity, vibrancy and originality while producing and providing a soft and durable bathroom tissue at an affordable price. The company’s goal is to become economically and ecologically sustainable by developing high quality products and jobs in urban communities.
To place orders, or inquire about pricing, call 313-483-3880 or fax

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