Excitement buzzed through the air last month when CeCe Winans signed as the first artist on the new Motown Gospel label.

This gospel diva won us over years ago when she burst onto the scene as a part of the dynamic singing duo Bebe and CeCe Winans.

She not only enchanted our ears with her pure, clear, songbird voice, but she captivated our hearts with an inner joy and outer beauty that radiated with every smile and through every song.

CeCe clearly embodies the life she sings about – spirit-filled, joyful, loving the Lord and loving her family. She is the eighth of ten children and the mother of two, she seemed like the perfect mom to ask about her motherhood journey.

Fortunately for us, this very busy gospel icon had time for a quick Q & A to share some of her thoughts and reflections. It was thrilling to ask this amazing woman of God what she had to say:

Elev8: What is the single biggest thing that changed in your life when you became a mother?

CeCe: My whole world changed when I became responsible for lives! I had to adjust everything in my life around my husband and now my children! And I loved every minute of it!!

Elev8: What surprised you the most when you became a mom?

CeCe: The new capacity to love and the ultimate joy it brings!
Elev8: What have been the greatest joys and challenges of being a working mother?

CeCe: It’s always a joy to do what you love to do and what you’re good at. But it’s always challenging to leave home and sacrifice time with your family. Family is first and everything else comes after that.

Elev8:What advice would you give to young mothers that want to raise their children as Godly moms?

CeCe: Being a Godly Mom is the greatest gift you could ever give your kids!!! Your lifestyle speaks volumes!

E8: So, you’re saying that it isn’t just what we tell our kids that matters. It’s how we live our lives that really makes the difference. Time out for just repeating the old mantra, “do as I say, not as I do.” If we want our children to be spirit-filled in today’s crazy world, we have to be their examples because our children are watching us either way. So, with that in mind, what was the most important thing for you to teach your children?

CeCe: To love God with all their hearts, souls and minds. Because when you love God, you love people. When you love God everything else will work out fine in life

Clearly that philosophy has worked out “more than fine” in CeCe’s life. She is a shining example of how living your faith can permeate every area of your life and make every part even more beautiful.

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