Landmark Court Decision Gives NAACP Youth Reason to Run

 Members of the NAACP Youth Council held their 22th 5K Fund Run/Walk May 4 in Audubon Park amid 40-degree temperature. The 5K Fund Run/Walk was open to participants of all ages.

The theme of the 5K Fund Run/Walk was “Run for Freedom,” which commemorated the Brown V. Topeka, Kansas Board of Education 1954 Supreme Court decision outlawing segregation in public education.
The annual event encourages healthy eating habits and exercising to prevent the onset of major health problems such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity. Participants tested their skills and endurance to gain a competitive edge.
“The 5K run and walk is an event that allows participants – no matter how young or old – to exercise to increase their heart rate and loosen up to reinvigorate their bodies. It is necessary to achieve good health,” said Madeleine C. Taylor, the branch’s executive director.
Participants weren’t without healthcare information to take along with them. This information, along with T-shirts and healthy eating advice for young people, was shared by The Fund Run committee, thanks in part to Youth Council President Jared Jackson.
“We’re interested in young people exercising and eating healthy,” Taylor said.
The top winner among female participants was Lindsey Bates. She crossed the finished line at 27:55 minutes. Robert Wilson was the top winner among male participants, reaching the finished line at 19:29 minutes. Each received a 1st place trophy in their age category.
Winners in each age category also received 1st place trophies and all participants received special gift bags from Project H.E.L.P. (Healthy Eating, Lifestyles and Physical Activity), a health and wellness initiative to improve the overall quality of life for African-Americans.
The 5K Fund Run/Walk is certified by the Memphis Runners Track Club, the 5th largest running club in the nation.

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