Oscars Observation Jason Collins

After Sports Illustrated published Jason Collins’ gay proclamation, President Barack Obama called him, expressing gratitude and support. He also told Collins that he was impressed by his courage.

“Whether it’s a free country or not, you should be free to act and do as you want to do, as long as it’s not violent,” said the L.A. Lakers’ Metta World Peace, regarding Collins.

Collins, a 34-year-old journeyman center is the first and only openly gay male athlete to be currently playing in one of four major U.S. team sports.

The announcement shocked Collins’ ex-fiancee, Carolyn Moos, according to tmz.com.

The website said the 7’0, 255 lb., center dated the former WNBA player eight years, and they were engaged before he ended the relationship in 2009.

Moos told tmz.com she never suspected Collins was gay, and found out when Collins revealed his secret, telling her his sexuality caused their break up.

“It’s very emotional for me as a woman to have invested eight years in my dream to have a husband, soul mate, and
best friend in him,” Moos told tmz.com.

“Collins is ‘out’ at a time when society is more open to people being gays,” says HayWood Media’s basketball analyst Hugh Hayes. “I don’t see his revelation as a hindrance to signing with the Wizards, or any NBA team.”

Teams and businesses may exploit the free agent, and his revelation, as a marketing tool to reach more lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people — because it’s good business.
But for the revelation Collins could be blackballed, seen as a possible distraction on and off the court.

Collins may become a poster child, applauded by LGBTs, shunned by the religious right, who may find him morally bankrupt.”

On ESPN’s “Outside the Lines” Chris Broussard said, as a Christian, he disagrees with homosexuality.

“If you’re openly living in unrepentant sin … that’s walking in open rebellion to God and to Jesus Christ,” said ESPN’s basketball analyst.

But, for NBA teams, what should matter is Collins’ ability to help win a championship.

Though they aren’t gay, remember when first we saw “Magic” Johnson and Isiah “Zeke” Thomas kiss before a game?

We got over that to where it didn’t matter, because they were ballers, winning championships.

Like it or not, we’ll get over the fact that the LGBT community has infiltrated MLB, MLS, NBA, NFL and NHL locker-rooms for the same reason.

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