Vanessa Lynn’s “Boss Lady” is more than a play, it’s an experience.

After viewing “Boss Lady” at its premier on April 13 at the Midtown Arts Cinema it left me inspired, cleansed, rejuvenated and so much more.

In the play viewers not only learn what a “Boss Lady” is but will be taken on a ride on the road to becoming a “Boss Lady” and go down all its many twists and turns, its highs and its lows.

Boss lady is also a tale of a woman who is on a mission to becoming more than a music mogul; she has her mind set on becoming nothing less than a “Boss”.

Essentially, the play depicts the lives of everyday Black issues in the inner city and Lynn illustrates the struggles that come with that environment very passionately and without any room to question her authority on the subject.

Drugs, death, greed, money, hustling, success, failures, love, conviction, forgiveness and even the gospel are all discussed in such a way that it leaves the viewers entertained and emotional.

The play had so many twists and turns that when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, it did and when you thought the story was told, there was more to it—lots more.

I must commend Vanessa Lynn for having the guts to write such a play as she can definitely help other urban play writers carry the torch that was left behind by Tyler Perry who has shifted his sights to films.

As a viewer one can tell she put her heart in every line because, from one heart to another, it is very hard not to connect with each of the characters and the truth of the story.

Additionally, the cast members did a phenomenal job of breathing life into the characters they played, the story they told and the message they portrayed.

The cast’s amazing performances show that they believed in the story and they knew how powerful its message is.

Anyone looking to support urban playwrights like Lynn who are looking to change the way the “chitlin’ circuit” – which she describes in detail in her book ‘Beyond the Chitlin’ Circuit: The Urban Playwrights Guide’ – is perceived and work hard to bring black stories to the stage, I highly recommend “Boss Lady”.

However, be warned you will are not watching a mere play, you are watching a play with a purpose and the experience is indeed mind blowing and definitely life changing.

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