Agency That Put Dekalb County on Probation to Review Clayton County Schools Accreditation


Southern Association of Colleges and Schools will be visiting Clayton County this week for an accreditation review to determine whether the district is meeting all required criteria.

Twelve evaluators from the SACS arrived Sunday for the first review since the district lost its accreditation in 2008.

SACS is the same organization that put the DeKalb County School Board on probation, which led to the firing of six of the nine people on the board.

Even though Clayton regained full accreditation in 2011, the district received a warning from SACS that board members were veering off course last fall.

“The next few days are very important and could lead to a decision of their accreditation for the next five years,” Dr. Mark Elgart, the director of SACS told WSB. “It is the most high stakes evaluation that a system will go through.”

During the past 18 months, board members, parents and administrators have been working in preparation for the critical visit.

“It is as if you were driving down a highway, and a state trooper comes up behind you, you know you aren’t doing anything wrong but you are still a little nervous,” said Tony McCrear, a parent of two in the Clayton County School System. “We are pretty confident we will maintain our accreditation. That is our prayer and our hope.”

The SACS visit will last three days with the evaluators expected to issue a decision from their findings within a month.


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