Maybach Driver Victim of Highway Drive-By Shooting


The search continues today for the gunman involved with the firing of multiple shots into a Maybach Thursday afternoon on I-20, resulting in the death of the driver of the luxury vehicle.

Shots rang out from a white SUV in to the Maybach around 5:15 p.m. Thursday on I-20 westbound by Glenwood Ave.

An off-duty officer was the first to the scene after noticing the vehicle partially in the right lane of the interstate with gunshot damage to it. The officer broke a rear window in an attempt to save the victim, but the driver who was in critical condition when found later died at the hospital.

“The Maybach is quite an expensive vehicle,” DeKalb Co. police spokeswoman Mekka Parish said. The luxury car usually retails for  $400,000 and above.

The male driver of the Maybach’s identity still remains anonymous while authorities continue to investigate for information on the incident.

Authorities do not have a motive or suspect, according to Parish.


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