Cars are about to get even smarter

A car that drives itself? We might be closer to such technology than you think.

The possibility of semi-autonomous automobiles is no longer a distant ambition. It’s a solution that might aid drivers when they lose attention at the wheel. Just imagine, a time when it’s nearly impossible to get in an accident. Auto makers are currently working on making such innovation an affordable reality for drivers, and look to have it in new cars as soon as 2018. 

Recently, companies like TRW and its Israeli partner MobilEye have demonstrated the technology to media outlets. Systems currently in development will be able to detect pedestrians and differentiate between humans and large animals. They will be able to move around an individual in the street or stop in cases of possible hazard. Cameras will be able to read road signs, and detect stop lights, construction zones as well as no entry/ dead ends. 

Combine such innovation with GPS and you’ll be able to maintain speed, stay in the correct lane, remain alert to various driving conditions and stop as needed. Drivers will also be able to let go of lateral control for a limited amount of time, allowing the car to drive itself. Will ‘texting while driving’ become a normality as opposed to a liability?

Given the current low cost of this technology, developers see it as an opportunity that will extend from luxury brands to the mass markets.

What do you think of ‘smart cars’? Would you buy one?

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