Robert Zimmerman Jr, brother of George Zimmerman, sparked controversy on Twitter this past weekend after tweeting about “black teens.” Zimmerman compared Trayvon Martin, who was killed by his brother, to De’Marquise Elkins, the 17-year-old suspect in the murder of a Georgia infant.

Zimmerman later tweeted a photo comparison of the two teens flipping their middle fingers with the caption, “A picture speaks a thousand words…Any questions?”

The tweet was sent out directly to Michael Moore, the NAACP, the NRA and a editor. Zimmerman then sent out another comparison between the two, tweeting “Teen to West: “Do you want me to shoot your baby?” #TrayvonMartin to #GeorgeZimmerman: You’re gonna die tonight Motherf**ker.”

To clarify his comparison of the two teens, Zimmerman tweeted “@TheRealPest @michaelskolnik – Lib media shld ask if what these2 black teens did 2 a woman&baby is the reason ppl think blacks mightB risky.”

Trayvon Martin was unarmed when George Zimmerman allegedly followed him and gunned him down. Although Martin had no criminal record, Zimmerman had a history of calling the police to report suspicious Black individuals, one of whom was as young as 7-9 years old.

According to his brother, George Zimmerman’s frequent suspicion of Black people was caused by the constant threat Black people pose to everyone around them. He has stood firm that he is not prejudiced.

Zimmerman’s trial is scheduled for June 10.

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