Lenny Kravitz is out as Marvin Gaye in upcoming biopic

With only weeks to go until filming is set to begin for the Marvin Gaye biopic, Sexual Healing, Deadline.com reports that Lenny Kravitz will not play the late Motown star. This decision is following months of complaints and threats to take legal action against the film from Gaye’s son, Marvin Gaye III.
Gaye III told TMZ:

The producers and directors of this film are very wrong and shameful…[They’re] trying to do a film about a low period in his life. They don’t even know the whole story.

Sexual Healing will focus of the slain stars time in Europe battling his alcohol addiction and trying to revive his career with the help of music promoter Freddy Cousaert played by Brendan Gleason.

Kravitz has been replaced by former Law & Order star Jesse L. Martin. Martin was originally cast to play Gaye when the film was being directed by James Gandolfini. Sexual Healing is now being directed by Julien Temple.

Although Kravitz will not be playing Marvin Gaye, he will reprise his role as Cinna in the upcoming Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire.

Deadline.com contributed to this report.

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