Good People Popcorn delivers delicious community conscious treats

Hometown favorite Good People Popcorn is enjoying nearly four years of success in Detroit’s Bricktown area. Located at 633 Beaubien, the family business owned by sisters Sarida Scott Montgomery and Crystal Mott along with cousin Kimberli Heard is a labor a love and a testament to turning your passions into something profitable and sustainable. After being frustrated by having to order gourmet popcorn from Chicago, these women decided to create their own popcorn company in Detroit.

The company will celebrate its four-year anniversary in July. In addition to maintaining a storefront downtown, Good People Popcorn is also sold in several stores across metro Detroit, including Holiday Market in Royal Oak, Pure Detroit and Frank’s Deli to name a few. The popcorn treats have been rceiving rave reviews. Due to a wide variety of sweet and savory popcorn flavors, there is something for everyone. Flavors include Bacon Cheddar, Caramel Apple Pie, Chocolate Drizzle and Garlic Herb and Cheese.

Good People Popcorn supports other local businesses by using Michigan butter and sugar in their recipes. Their mission “is to use good business practices that respect and contribute to the community and our environment. This commitment includes such things as working with local and independent suppliers; operating in an environmentally conscious manner; and giving back to the community.” The popcorn bags are made from renewable wood pulp, making them compostable and recyclable and they also recycle any unused popcorn.

In addition to operating as a “good corporate citizen” for the environment, Good People Popcorn offers fundraising opportunities. Unlike other fundraisers, the organization or individual(s) does not have to purchase the product upfront. Although that means that the fundraiser does not have product to sell on demand, it does provide the security of not being financially responsible to the company for any unsold product. Good People Popcorn donates 40 to 50 percent of the profits sold to the fundraising group.

Good People Popcorn is a part of a growing trend of local business owners who operate not only for self-prosperity, but for the prosperity of the city and its people.

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