Alleged Cop Killer Chris Dorner’s Death Pictures For Sale


The death photos of the charred remains of ex-Los Angeles policeman-turned-fugitive Chris Dorner are reportedly being shopped around to the highest media outlet bidder, according to TMZ.

Dorner, whose body was reportedly found on February 12th in a remote cabin amid the snow-covered mountains of Southern California, was involved in a furious gun battle with police and SWAT team members.

The fierce exchange of violence was the culmination of a nine-day intense manhunt for Dorner, who was accused of killing four people, two of whom were law enforcement officers.  The renegade former policeman was also accused of wounding three other people.

The ex-Navy reservist, who vowed to bring “warfare” to Los Angeles police and their family members, was reportedly angry because he was the victim of racism. Dorner also claimed to have been targeted for reporting misconduct within the police department.

Dorner made threats against law enforcement in an online manifesto, charging the LAPD with racism and corruption. He was fired in 2008 for making false statements.

Most think this experience is what led to his rampage of revenge killings.

Authorities reportedly stumbled upon what they believed were the remains of Dorner’s body among a pile of rubble that was left over from the blaze that destroyed the Big Bear Lake cabin.

The celebrity news site says they turned down the grisly photos that depict Dorner’s badly charred torso with its missing head, one arm, and parts of a leg.

TMZ states that his eyeballs, chest area and penis remained intact. Dorner’s upper teeth were also reportedly untouched which helped to identify him.

According to TMZ, even though they are not purchasing the shots, the sellers are hellbent on securing a buyer for them.

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