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Je’ Wesley Day has been in Atlanta a little more than two years, but he has already made his mark on the city.

The Chicago native is an organic food aficionado and turned his love of healthy food and a healthy lifestyle into a new Atlanta hotspot. Day is the proud owner of OrganiX Food Lounge on Ponce de Leon Ave. Billed as a “healthy alternative for your cocktails,” his lounge has quickly become a well-known destination in the city.

Even though he’s the owner and has an MBA and more educational and business certificates than one could shake a stick at, he can still be found at OrganiX almost every night of the week – it is open Tuesday through Saturday – bartending, washing dishes, bussing tables, cooking or taking care of any of the restaurant’s other needs.

He was recently named the Single Man of the Month by Essence magazine and the exposure has been a bit more than the low-key, 35-year-old father of one had in mind.

“Somehow people found my cell number, the business number, personal email,” Day says. “I had a woman drive up from Augusta, Ga., to meet me and I’ve received hundreds of emails from across the nation.

“I’m definitely honored, but I didn’t want the extra attention that it would bring to me,” he added.

Despite his reticence to embrace the spotlight, Day, who is a Virgo, sat down with the Atlanta Daily World to talk about who he is, what he’s looking for in a partner and how he’s managed to stay single this long.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Originally from Chicago, born and raised West Side, low-economic neighborhood, single-parent home. Left there after college, went to New York, moved here from New York. It was the perfect time to complete my MBA

degree and try a business of my own. It was now or never.

What brought you to Atlanta?

It’s more economical than Chicago or New York to live and to start a business. Plus the warm weather. I’ve always been a fan of Atlanta.

What have your impressions been so far of the dating scene in Atlanta?

It’s a man’s paradise, because there’s a ratio of men to women that works in our favor. I think Atlanta has a population of quality single women, beautiful, educated, career oriented. It can make your choice very difficult.

When do you think you’ll be able to put your focus on trying to find someone special?

You know, you can’t put a time on love. Also, I don’t think you can go out and search for it. I think the most you can do in life is be open to it and be hopeful that love exists, and that I am. When love finds me or I find love, it’ll happen.

Would you like to be with someone right now?

I would love to have someone right now, because when I have successes there’s no one to share it with, when I have hard times, there’s no one to really console me to tell me it’s gonna be alright. And we’re human, so we all have desires, we have needs and beyond that there’s always kind of a longing for companionship, somebody to do something with or just to be next to you.

What might some of the things that are keeping you single?

The business is in its infancy phase. It’s almost like being a parent. You have to be there and nurse that child and when that child reaches a certain age then you can start dating or running the street a little. Organix is my baby. But just as if it’s a real life baby, if someone can be helpful and beneficial to the child then it can work. But anything that’s not beneficial to Organix is not beneficial to me right now.

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