DeKalb School Board Files Lawsuit to Prevent Unseating

DeKalb County School Board members will be on the hot seat unless a newly-filed lawsuit prevents a meeting from occurring that would result in the entire board being unseated.

Scheduled to meet on Thursday, the Georgia State Board of Education is looking to decide the fate of the DeKalb County School Board after the school district was put on probation in December and risked losing accreditation afterwards.

The meeting and the fate of the school board will all rest in the hands of a judge Wednesday, who will hear the district’s lawsuit claiming that it is unconstitutional for the Board of Education to recommend that Gov. Nathan Deal remove them from office.

The school board is requesting a restraining order to keep the meeting from taking place.

Parents assembled at Emory Presbyterian Church Tuesday night to hear Marshall Orson, a school board member trying to persuade the congregation.

“It’s very eye-opening to hear what’s going on with the school board.” Erin Newman, a parent told the AJC.

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