The Capitol at St. Germain is normally a sleepy restaurant and bar in downtown Houston that hosts an occasional Pop-Up Art show and a Match.com mixer on Tuesday nights. But on Sunday night after the NBA All-Star game it played host to the premiere event of the weekend as Jay-Z, Nas and Beyonce showed up together to cap the night.

Jay-Z had previously hosted an All-Star party on Friday night and word is the price of admission just to sit in the vicinity of the Jigga man was $20,000. Read that sentence again.

Not on this night. Mr. and Mrs. Carter waltzed in through the front door, Jay still rocking his black t-shirt, sneakers and leather Nets cap, and Beyonce clad in her yellow stilettos and the simple patterned dress she had worn courtside to the evening’s All-Star game. The couple was accompanied by Nas, who stopped to shake hands with well wishers on his way inside.

The triumvirate initially headed upstairs into a private area of the venue, but soon returned to the Capitol’s lobby dance floor to join the rest of the evening’s partygoers.

The night was everything the rest of the weekend had not been. There was no intimidating bouncer at the door enforcing a club dress code or asking $50-$200 for admission, no blocked off double-super-secret VIP celebrity bubble for the trio and no posturing or mean mugs from the peanut gallery. Jay, Bey and Nas simply hit the floor and, aside from a few requisite security guards surrounding them, mixed in with the rest of the crowd.

Nas stood out front and lit up a cigar that he puffed on for most of the night, while Jay stood back near the DJ booth and bobbed his head to the beat. Beyonce, fresh off of killing everything at the Super Bowl, even got out onto the floor with some of the regular folks and busted a few moves.

The party was open bar, but boasted none of the traditional All-Star weekend trappings. There were no fliers for this party or even an announcement on Twitter and reps from the Capitol said they were even barred from taking pictures during the festivities. The superstar guests simply strode inside and had a good time, as if they weren’t three of the biggest names on the planet.

It was the perfect way to cap an amazing All-Star weekend in the Lone Star State.

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