Housing Development in Highland Park Nears Completion

Highland Park is currently undergoing its own Cinderella transformation. Benefitting from the Obama administration’s stimulus package, Highland Park is wrapping up construction on its Neighborhood Stabilization Program II. The $6 million housing development project is a partnership between the City of Highland Park, MSHDA and HUD. Bank Trivium Partner signed on as the developers for the community rebuilding project.

The housing development project has a multifold approach to rebuilding Highland Park. NSP II has helped to employ people in that city and the surrounding area, remove blight, build new construction and rehab homes. ”We are improving a whole city block instead of new house here and a burnt house next door,” said Paul Hubbard of Trivium Partners.

The NSP II project includes 25 homes located on Midland between Second and Woodward Ave. The homes come in two styles, each with 1,500 square feet, and include a detached garage, full basement, complete appliances, air conditioning, granite kitchen counter tops, Five Star energy rating and many more features. The project is working closely with First Independence Bank to keep these homes affordable. They were built for $220,000 yet are on the market for just under $50,000, making these homes not only beautiful but affordable for low to middle income families.

There are already six new homeowners residing in the newly constructed homes.

From the onset, it has been clearly emphasized that the Neighborhood Stabilization Program is not a low-income program. It is designed for working class families, for homeowners who can contribute to Highland Park’s economy, take pride in and maintain the beautiful properties and revitalize the city. It will stand as a testament of the fruits of cooperation, planning and dedication.

“Development projects can be done in these times, in an urban community,” said Highland Park Mayor DeAndre Windham. “People are excited. There hasn’t been a ground up-home built in about 10-20 years. People were skeptical, but they saw quality homes being built and they’re impressed,”

Indeed, it is exciting and inspiring to see this magnitude of cooperation in the Metro Detroit area. Highland Park’s future will continue to brighten as long as programs such as the Neighborhood Stabilization Program II are on the table, are being executed and citizens are interested and will be able to benefit from them. If you or someone you know is interested in purchasing one of the beautiful homes, call the Highland Park City Hall or go online to https://www.highlandparkcity.us/images/NSPHP.pdf.

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