UniverSoul Circus Returns to Hometown Atlanta


The UniverSoul Circus, which has been defined as “a sensory overload of indescribable proportions, featuring dazzling lights, pulsating sounds” opens in Atlanta at Turner Field, Feb. 14 through March 3.

With a mast standing 70-feet tall at its highest peak and spanning 158-feet in diameter, the new UniverSoul Circus big top tent arrived in North America late last year. The new 2,278 seat tent, with bold red and yellow stripes and purple accents, was designed and constructed in collaboration with the famed Italian design firm Canobbio. The new 26,000-square-foot tent system includes the Big Top, concessions tent, ticket takers tent and the artist entrance.

For the past five years, UniverSoul Circus has consistently ranked in the top 10 of Ticketmaster’s Top 25, which ranks the Top 25 Most Requested Family Events in the US by fan-search requests and online event page views.

“The 2013 edition of UniverSoul Circus represents an evolution – a mash-up of culturally traditional art forms and cutting edge entertainment,” said Founder and President Cedric Walker. “Our fans will witness dynamic young performers who combine the past with the future to create groundbreaking performance art that is unique in the circus world,” he said, adding: “Our event is all about lifting spirits. Whether you’re sitting on the edge of your chair with excitement, dancing to the music or high-fiving our performers as they pass through the aisles, UniverSoul Circus is designed to move the audiences in a positive way.”

For more information, showtimes and tickets, visit https://www.facebook.com/universoulcircus.


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