101 Practical Ways to Be a Real Man in New Self-Help Book

“Man Up, Man: 101 Ways to Be a Real Man, Really” is a book that shares concepts of personal accountability, self-mastery, and practical common sense. Readers are offer suggestions to guide them in a journey towards responsible freedom.

“Irresponsibility is rampant in America,” says author Ed Cawley. “Parents are disheartened because their adult children aged 20 to 40 something are still living at home or have moved back. Recently, a letter from a military man, expressing his disappointment in his children’s continuing failure to become responsible adults, went viral on the internet.”

Impelled by these realities and the desire to help people grow up and be accountable, Cawley developed his book.

Cawley offers a serious guide for men, yet with a lighthearted touch that can make readers smile when they least expect it. Through his years in leadership positions and his participation in personal and professional development, Cawley has established a unique set of guidelines that should help readers understand health, finance, business, and relationships and hopefully instill a sense of humanity and humility.

“The topic of how adult males need to behave as men is very timely,” says Cawley. “To date, no one has written a guide specifically targeted to young men and how our rational society expects them to behave. This is THE 21st Century Guide for What a Man Should Be.”

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