Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall recently launched the 2013 edition of his initiative to revamp the city’s Boulevard corridor.

Hall created the Year of the Boulevard Initiative last year and plans to revamp it this year. The councilman is looking for even greater results.

Hall told East Atlanta Patch that “the initiative aims to revitalize the Boulevard corridor, particularly the stretch that includes the Bedford Pines Apartments off Winton Terrace.”

Last year’s efforts included tackling public safety, unemployment and job skills training and community beautification. This year Hall plans to double down on these efforts.

Hall also plans to emphasize his focus on the 700 children who live on and around the stretch of Boulevard.

This year’s initiative features several new partnerships with programs such as Children’s Museum of Atlanta and the Renaissance Learning Center, Premier Academy, ABC Child Care Center, Hope-Hill Elementary School and Intown Academy. The programs are designed to expand educational experiences and students will be granted free admission and transportation to the Children’s Museum of Atlanta.

In addition, Hall announced an internship and job training opportunity with the Greater Atlanta Economic Alliance for teens interested in aviation-related careers.

Other opportunities include a partnership with Microsoft. The company is donating computers to Martin Luther King branch library and will offer free computer and app development classes at the Microsoft Store.

Additionally, technology based programs include a “technology day” program being offered by Black Girls Code, which focuses on the development of young ladies in technology. The program will focus on showcasing and sparking interest among girls in the tech fields.

This year’s initiative also includes an expansion of summer camp offerings such as the Museum of Design’s Atlanta Robotics Summer Camp. The camp will include scholarships for Boulevard teens. The VSA arts of Georgia and the Creatives Project, a photography camp for Boulevard kids, also plan to expand their summer camps.

Furthermore, Hall’s initiative includes seniors and beautifying and preserving the Boulevard area.

Hall also announced a Black Vintage movie series geared toward Boulevard’s senior citizens along with projects to preserve the area. Preservation groups like the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the National Trust for Historic Preservation will work on developing empty or dilapidated lots in the residential and commercial districts of the greater Old Fourth Ward.

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