Friends of Disabled Adults and Children Joins Community Effort to Help Tucker Resident Paralyzed in Accident


In September, Tucker resident Eli Tabb was hit by a car while crossing Lawrenceville Highway at Main Street, resulting in him being paralyzed from the waist down. Recently, a website was established, “Friends for Eli,” and
Friends of Disabled Adults and Children (FODAC) has joined the efforts to support Eli as he works to recover from his accident, helping to promote the program as well as supplying home medical supplies to help with his transition from hospital and rehabilitation to home.

FODAC, a non-profit organization that has provided more than $10 million annually in durable medical equipment and supplies to the disabled community, has joined “Friends for Eli,” a community fundraising effort to provide assistance to Eli Tabb, an employee of Roly Poly in Tucker who was left paralyzen. FODAC has donated home medical equipment (HME) to Tabb and his family to help make his home more accessible as he transitions home from the hospital and rehabilitation.

“Eli has been an inspiration to us all as he strives to recover from this life-changing event,” said Chris Brand, president of FODAC. “His story is like so many of our clients, who find themselves with little or no insurance and dealing with a devastating illness or injury that happens suddenly and without warning. Eli’s story hit especially close to home because he is a member of our community, and we were glad to be there to help with his HME needs.”

Tabb’s accident injured his spine and spinal cord, requiring him to spend almost two months in recovery and rehabilitation. He is now home, but needs a wheelchair for mobility as well as costly home modifications that will allow him to live more independently. To help cover these costs and help with day-to-day living and medical expenses, Nancy Qarmout, owner of Roly Poly of Tucker, organized a fundraising website, “Friends for Eli” (>), where those wishing to help Tabb can donate via credit card or PayPal.

“Tucker residents remember Eli’s smiling face from the drive-in window at Starbucks, or from the sandwich counter at Roly Poly,” said Qarmout. “He has given so much to the people around him. Now it’s our turn to give to him.”

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