Delta Looking to Hire 400 New Flight Attendants

Delta airplane

Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines announced that it will be hiring up to 400 flight attendants, including many “language of destination” positions for those who speak Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin, Hindi and French.

The airline is also hiring flight attendants who speak English only, with applications for those jobs due by Dec. 26. Delta plans to hire for the positions in January, with the idea that the new hires would begin flying in June.

So far the airline said it has already received about 22,000 applications since posting the positions a week ago, and has been receiving about two applications a minute. The company is not yet saying where the flight attendants will be based.

Delta will keep those job listings open until the positions are filled.

Even though Delta does not expect to increase its flying next year, it continues to look abroad to bring in more revenue. Delta this month announced it is acquiring a 49 percent stake in Virgin Atlantic and plans to strike a joint venture with the U.K.-based carrier.

“We’re hunting for foreign language speakers as we continue to expand to all points around the globe,” said Delta chief executive Richard Anderson in a message to employees.

Delta cut its work force by about 2,000 through early retirement offers earlier this year. Now, the airline is preparing for a busy summer season. “We’ll need a few hundreds new flight attendants for our peak season next year,” Anderson said.

The jobs come with monthly training pay of $1,746 and training is expected to take eight weeks. Regular pay varies with the number of flights.

In 2010, Delta filled about 1,000 flight attendant positions and received more than 100,000 applications.


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