Rihanna Tweets Photo of Chris Brown Sleeping


Singer Rihanna posted a photo of what appears to be Chris Brown in a bed with no shirt on over the weekend. The two were spotted together in Germany on Thanksgiving leaving a club by TMZ.

Rihanna does not mention Brown by name, but the unidentified male’s tattoos match Brown’s and according to E! News, just hours before the photo was taken, Brown posted a photo of himself wearing the same jacket seen in Rihanna’s shot.

Earlier in the day Rihanna made no effort to hide her plans to meet up with Brown.

“All alone in my big ole jet!!! See u soon lover,” Rihanna tweeted Wednesday on her way out of New York City, following the end of her “777” tour. On Thursday she was on the social network shouting out “#Berlin #CarpeDiem.”

Brown was already in Germany for his “Carpe Diem” tour.

This news comes as Brown is canceling a planned Dec. 26 concert in Guyana because of protests against him in the country. The protesters were holding signs with Rihanna’s battered face as a result of her beating at Brown’s hands in 2009.


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