‘Obama Style’ Blackface Pic Lands Israeli Media Spokesman in Hot Water

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Surely, you’ve heard of the viral hit and dance “Gangnam” Style. But what about “Obama” Style?

Wanna learn how to do it? Simple. Just smear mud across your face from Israel’s Dead Sea, take a picture, put it on Facebook and caption it “Obama Style.”

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Sounds funny in practice. But for 26-year-old Sacha Dratwa, it’s no laughing matter. A spokesman for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is coming under fire for doing just that in September. A screen-grab of Dratwa’s FB photo of his mud-smeared face shows “Obama” Style may not be as popular as he hoped it would be.

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“You know this is racist, yeah?” one commenter wrote about the photo. According to ABC News, the outrage over Dratwa’s photo became so intense that he was forced to restrict access to his page. In response to someone on Twitter calling him a racist Sunday, Dratwa wrote that “I’m not a racist, please stop [spreading] lies about me.”

Dratwa added that the response to his FB photo misrepresents his views and is a“cynical use of the information” on his profile, according to ABC News.

“I am, and have always been, completely candid about my beliefs and have nothing to hide,” Dratwa wrote Sunday. “The aforementioned photos do not reflect my beliefs and have no bearing whatsoever on my position in the IDF.” Dratwa’s impassioned response should come as no surprise, seeing as how he mans the IDF’s media desk, requiring him to engage with Israel’s supporters and detractors through social media.

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“We believe people are getting information from social media platforms and we don’t want them to get it from other sources,” Dratwa told Tablet Magazine last week. “We are the ones on the scene, and the old media are not on the scene as are the IDF.”

The IDF has not taken any actions against Dratwa as of press time.

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