Connects Black Professionals to Black-Owned Companies

In response to the growing number of Americans who now earn at least a portion of their income as independent contractors, has launched a new online platform that connects African American professionals with the companies who need their services.

It is estimated that nearly one in ten members of the U.S. workforce are now independent contractors and freelancers. As an outgrowth of the recent economic shift, employers have changed how they hire workers and workers have changed how they view employment. Aaron Thompson, veteran IT consultant and freelance professional, has worked both sides of the negotiation and witnessed a need that had yet to be met – connecting local black business owners to quality providers at reasonable prices. It was in that space that Thompson created to operate. is an online job board where employers post projects that are then matched to qualified providers using skill set, availability and location as criteria. Employers can list descriptive positions or one-time projects at no charge and have profiles of qualified providers sent directly to their email. The service specifically highlights local black professionals who may not otherwise be sought out to fill positions.

The site’s project database includes offsite virtual positions, such as those done by web designers, as well as onsite projects for the local handyman or babysitter. Despite its web location, is something of an anti-outsource tool, connecting local businesses with workers who may actually be right in the neighborhood.

Unlike other virtual talent platforms, minimizes the need for candidates to spend hours combing the site’s database for jobs, or for employers to spend too much time sifting through bids from unqualified providers. Instead, service provides are matched to services needed. When services are required, uses their selection criteria to identify the candidate profiles that most closely fit the needs of the employer. Selected profiles are forwarded directly to the employer for hiring consideration. Only after meeting project qualifications are selected candidates afforded the opportunity to submit proposals for contracts.

Freelancers interested in being listed as a service provider, should go to and set up their free profiles.

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