Unique Wall Calendar Features Success Advice from Unlikely Youth

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Georgia’s Rolando Zenteno, an activist for undocumented youth and winner of the 2012 “Colored Rocks Prize” is set to appear in a series of online video ads commissioned by the Colored Rocks Foundation.

The ads tout the debut of the 2013 Georgia’s Colored Rocks Wall Calendar, designed to inspire achievement among students of all ages. Zenteno, along with 13 of his fellow award winners have filled the calendar with practical tips on how to achieve success.

According to Cheryl Dukes, Colored Rocks Prize Executive Director, Almost one out of three young men of color do not graduate from Georgia high schools. In fact, Georgia suffers as one of 5 states with the worst high school graduation rates in the country.

The Colored Rocks Prize is awarded to distinguished male students of color at Georgia High Schools. The Foundation’s intent is to help increase the numbers of male African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Latino Americans and Multi-Racial Americans completing high school and using their talent to make a positive impact in their communities.

All Prize winners have committed to helping at least one of their struggling peers graduate from high school. The foundation expects to expand the awards beyond Georgia as the foundation grows.

The application period for the 2013 Class of Colored Rocks will open October 20, 2012. Applicants must be male students of color graduating with the class of 2013. Students attending any high school in Georgia are eligible to apply for the award. Enter online at www.coloredrocks.org.

The 14-month calendar (with four bonus months) is photographed by well-renowned photographers Jim and Carmen McCarty (Atlanta Photo Studio) against an Atlanta Midtown backdrop. The calendar features full color photos of 14 award-winning ethnic youth, each one sharing the secret that made him successful.

All winners of The Colored Rocks Prize, these ethnic youth, simply known as “Colored Rocks,” are from high schools throughout Georgia. Zenteno and his fellow Honorees may be considered an unlikely group to give advice about success, but they have indeed found the secret to success, and their tips are enlightening and practical, says Dukes.

“I think people will be both inspired and surprised with the wisdom offered by this group”, she continues. “It is interesting to see how these young, ethnic gentlemen view the world and to learn their vision of success. For sure, youth will be inspired, but even those who have moved beyond their youth will find a thing or two in this calendar of success tips that might give them a new, more positive perspective on life.”

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