Top 3 Inadvertent Job Interview Flubs by Young Professionals


The almighty interview. The door that leads to the gateway of employment, steady paychecks and adulthood.

You’re ready. You know what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it and what you’re going to wear. After the interview, you may think that you nailed it, but as you walk out of the office, the hiring managers have silently placed your application into the rejection pile. Where did you go wrong? Here are a few inadvertent flubs that could turn off prospective employers:

The Me-Me-Me Syndrome: Millennials are known to be a little egotistic. Yes, graduating college with a 4.0 and having five internships under your belt is impressive, but it isn’t an excuse to begin negotiating outrageous salaries and career advancement opportunities during the interview. Don’t let your false sense of entitlement keep you from a possible job offer.

Miss Fidgety McAwkward: While dressing unprofessionally and showing up late are obvious deal breakers, there are subtle mistakes that can show your lack of professionalism. Chewing gum, playing with your hair, mumbling or using poor grammar, cutting off the interviewer’s question, not talking enough and not bringing enough copies of your resume can jeopardize your chance of leaving a good impression.

The Power(less) Player: Speaking of resumes, it’s important not to let your resume speak for you. The interviewer probably already has it in front of him, so there’s no need to recite every bullet point. This is your time to add interesting (but relevant!) tidbits about your work that didn’t make the resume.

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