Atlanta's Ultimate Power Couple Here Comes To Centric Primetime

( — Riding the wave of their success as entrepreneurs, Atlanta’s ultimate power couple, Robert and Nicola Jackson has now moved into the realm of reality television as stars on the new reality docu-series, Amateur Millionaires Club. The show, which premiered on July 7th, at 9.00 P. M. EST on the BET-owned cable network Centric, featured the lives of ten (10) African-American millionaires, who made their fortunes using the multi-level marketing business model. The show offers a fresh and exhilarating behind-the-scenes look at these self-made millionaires, and tells the stories of their rise to affluence and the challenges of maintaining their new status.

Robert and Nicola, along with their Amateur Millionaires Club co-stars Stormy Wellington, Chyna Bethley, Dorothy Cook, Kenny Lloyd, Twiler Portis & other cast members heated up the red carpet at the 2012 BET Awards. Robert Jacksons swag level was turned up with his flashy tailored suit from his upcoming Robert Jackson fashion line, while Nicola’s dress from her Nikki J signature line was described as “just stunning” by a top fashion media outlet.

Robert and Nicola Jackson are doting parents of four sons, while also leading a multi-million dollar sales force of over 200,000 people in more than 30 countries across the globe, as Platinum Presidents of Ardyss International, one of the world’s fastest growing health and wellness network marketing companies. In addition, the super couple is each involved in several other business ventures. Robert manages a successful construction company in the Atlanta area while Nicola, a former hair stylist, has launched her own hair line, the Nikki J Hair Collection and is a savvy real estate investor, author and sought-after motivational speaker. Following on the heels of Nicola’s successful book, “Inside the Millionaire’s Vault”, Robert is preparing for the release of his new book on how to be a healthy, wealthy man. As parents of a 15-year-old son with cerebral palsy, Robert and Nicola are also actively involved with many charitable causes and non-profit organizations, promoting research on cerebral palsy and offering support and encouragement for families of children with special needs.

The Jackson story however, is not a one of being born into extravagance. The Jacksons have emerged from a history of health and economic challenges. Just a few years ago, Robert had a typical 9 to 5 and managed his own small business while Nicola worked long hours in her hair salon to provide for their family. “You can’t expect to do the same thing and achieve different results,” says Robert Jackson. “My wife and I decided to try a different approach to becoming wealthy” adds Jackson.

Amateur Millionaires Club provides viewers with an intimate look into the busy, sometimes crazy lives of Robert and Nicola as they balance marriage, parenthood, their religious faith, their businesses and all the trappings of fame and fortune. They are not a perfect pair but in Nicola’s words, they’re “keeping it family.” Their stories are potent but relatable, motivating and inspiring as this power couple spreads entrepreneurial fire across America, using their life stories and lessons to coach ordinary people on creating wealth.


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