The Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church|You’ve Earned a Say


doc4fad91bb6f6f3347325842.jpgBy PASTOR E. DEWEY SMITH JR.
Every day we’re presented with opportunities to speak up on behalf of ourselves and others – opportunities to lend a helping hand. God calls Christians to be our brothers and sisters’ keepers, to love our neighbors as ourselves. Compassion for our fellow man should compel everyone to do the same, regardless of religious beliefs or cultural traditions.

In these tough economic times, we’ve all known people suffering through job loss, foreclosure, increased debt, lost health insurance, and any number of painful circumstances. But simply thinking, “What a sad situation,” won’t make it better. We must speak up and take action to cause change in people’s lives.

Now more than ever, we need our government and elected leaders to work for us and include our voices when they make decisions that affect us and our communities.

Just recently, AARP started a conversation with the rest of the nation about the future of Medicare and Social Security called “You’ve Earned a Say.” It’s a chance for anyone concerned about their future to tell politicians in Washington what they think should happen to make these programs stronger.


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